ULOG: 0012 | Its been 2 Months I was still the same

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2 months since I graduated in college, 2 months since I have get my diploma, 2 months since my dream came true, but up until now I am still a burden, still a nobody

June 21, 2018 when the CvSU's 15th commencement exercise was been held where I obtain my degree, where I finally say to myself that finally you finish the heavenly hell journey of your life.
This time I was seeing a glimpse of a @normalguy being in a company where he will develop programs, projects and tasks in an office. I was seeing a glimpse of a @normalguy where he can help his family in terms of financial status, a @normalguy that will give his parents a good life.

But as time pass by, all of the things that I see was only a possibility, was only a probability for the @normalguy, was only a chance for me.

I thought being a degree holder will be easier for me to have a job, I thought having a degree will instantly bring fortune to your life. I thought it was easy for me having this degree but I guess I was wrong extremely wrong

2 months of sending my Resume/Curriculum Vitae to multiple company/industry but up to this very moment I was still unemployed. I have been taking exams to multiple positions but I wasn't able to get any job.

What Job am I looking ?

I was not really choosy on what job or position I will be assigned into but I really was looking forward into the development field where I will develop applications and systems for a certain company. It was more fun and really challenging for me, so I want to pursue that field. This will also enhance my critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help me to became more flexible in the development field.

It's been 2 months I was still the same

2 months since then but I still wasn't able to prove myself. I want to prove myself to myself I wasn't proving myself to anyone but I was proving myself to me. I want to prove to myself that I was something, that I was a developer after all, that I was a degree holder that can help not only to my parents but also to my relatives.

I will still aim to become a software or application developer.
I will still aim to do what I want to do.
I will still try to became a professional programmer.

I was hoping that I can still say this words
I was hoping that I still can hold to this dream before I die of starving

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