My entry Ulog 002 # held a smart race event

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good night steemian.
I want to make my new post with elementary school children.
about my happy day with them.

Today I spent my time to hold a meticulous show in lhokseukon district with my friend ...

maybe this is my story in my daily life ...
this is the photo I got from my own camera.
maybe this is the best in my life.
although I am here as a photographer,
but I am very happy with the opportunity given by my friends.

Thanks a lot steemians friends
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#teardrops smt token




a legendary steemit who teaches many things for small steemian like me.
with our own work.
Thank you very much for reading my story and thank you for your upvote.

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Acara yang sangat bagus untuk mengetahui iq sang enak..
Semoga sukses dengan harimu kawan..

Thank kawan...semoga harimu menyenangkan