# Ulog :: My first outing on Ulogs- The Life in Labouratory

in ulog •  11 months ago

Reporting from my the lab
i had a great day
I spent my day in the lab carrying out a lot of experiments . . Let me tell you about it
as usual, waking up this morning, was late to work , just had a plate of Golden morn as breakfast and zoomed off.

we Had more than 75 patients coming to the lab for different tests especially for packed cell volume, blood group and genotype, urine analysis, malaria and typhoid tests.

i had to stand all day attending to patients to the point my legs were aching, but as a young biochemist, i had to strengthen myself, doing all I can to see to it that all the patients were attended to and their data properly recorded.

but something tragic happened, we had an emergency, an old woman who was at the point of death was brought to the hospital and i was sent to collect her blood sample, when I got there, i realized that her veins were all dilated and I could not collect the samples, I had to call my superiors, they helped me and the tests where carried out,

the good news is that she is fine and responding to treatment. i really appreciate @steemit for the privilege to share my experience @ulogs. i will still spread the good news

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