ULOG: #47: An afternoon of friends, Only for women ... !!

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Hello my dear #uloggers, I hope you are very well and have had a nice day. Today I want to share with you what my friends and I call girls day, and today I decided to accept the invitation of several friends to go out and distract me since my week has not been easy and I needed to clear my mind.


The meeting was after a couple of classes just a project that we thought to execute, from there we decided that we were going to arrive a little later at home and that we had to distract our minds from so much stress and problems for a while, so we decided to go to the beach and drink something, well we take a tequila to alleviate the pain especially those of the heart.


The start after a companion happened to pick us up and take us to a beach near the city called quetepe beach, there we decided to rent chairs and tables to sit and share the sorrows that have overwhelmed our weeks, although apart from that we also share Good things like memories, laughs and happy moments of our friendship.


We understood once again that shared pain sometimes hurts less and that true friendship always makes us great, and that sometimes getting away from the rest of the world and sharing a drink is a good way to forget the pressure of the rest of the world, and Above all, we understood that famous and popular saying that when several women meet the devil, keep quiet and listen, because we are the brightest minds hahaha.


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Hey girls you are really enjoy the life..
That's aome beautiful post.
And last one thing i want to ask.
I know it's only for women but....
Can i join the party next time?