ULOG: #43: September 6, the most special and important day of the year for Mi.

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Hello friends #uloggers and #steemians, today is a very special day for me and I want to share the why with you. It is about a year ago exactly on September 6, 2017 life gave me the greatest and beautiful gift that a woman can receive, the arrival of a child, this day I became the mother of a man whom I call jonas, and that has come to my life to give me the strength and the necessary reasons to go ahead and fight for what is my reason for living.


Today is a very emotional day for me because I remember many funny, sad and difficult moments of that day, the moments of aungustia and despair, but also the moment of happiness to have it in my arms today, when a life comes to our children it changes us forever whether it is a planned child or not, but we are the ones who decide that this change is for good or for bad. For the main reason to move forward we will have it in our arms and our heart forever.

Today more than ever I give thanks to God for allowing me the miracle of being a mother and putting in my way this little angel who has come to fill my life with love and happiness, this life companion whom I love infinitely and for which I fight and I go ahead every day no matter how big the obstacles are, that is why I want to share with you the first picture of my little one when I was newborn, my Prince Jonas, the reason why September is for me the most important month of the year and September 6, the best day of the year.


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Congratulations dear, God bless u and your family.
Child is cute .

So cute. Congratulations dear. Your joy is indeed complete.