#Ulog No. 28 TRUE TALK ( today in school #17 )

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Hello fellow esteemed steemians.
It's been a long time coming guys. Really! I can Tell you that though I was seriously down health Wise couple of days ago, and I had to go offline for some times. I really missed every single moment on steemit. But hey! I am back like I never left.... And I will continue to share my creative and wind blowing articles (story) as always....

I really had a great time in school with the kids (pupils) today right here in a remote village in Kaduna state Nigeria west Africa....

It was Monday 16th July, 2018. It was indeed a great day, it's the day the kids have been anxiously waiting for. It's a day that marks the beginning of exams... Having been to class, and received series of lessons in various fields of disciplines, now it's time to tests and see whether they have learned the lessons.

Now today is the first day of the exercise and lots of drama took place.
We were in class writing science, and usually; it's more of an interview kind of a thing. The kids will be coming to me one after the other as I asked them certain questions while they respond.

Now it was the turn of this smart girl called JIMOLO (4 years old now). And so she came in with a smiling face. Then I said "JIMOLO how are you today?". And she replied "uncle I am fine. My Mumm bought chocolates for me yesterday and I took some. I have some in my lunch box now and I will give you a little". I said "oh! That's great sweetheart. But it's exams time now, keep your chocolates for now please".

I then proceeded to ask her this question, "mention five colours you know dear". Then she replied "oh that,? So simple. Red, blue, green, yellow, and Africa." Then I replied " sweetheart. which colour is Africa?... I never heard of that " then she said "uncle, if you don't want to say Africa you can say BLACK".

Then I said "why would you call black Africa or Africa black?". Then she said " because I see two colours of people on TV and my Daddy said all the blacks are Africans"


black is beautiful.... Africa is great... I'm so proud to be black....... Different colours one people.....

I love you all....

It's your boy @natdisciple

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Nice article, keep it up!

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Thanks dear

Welcome back my friend.. Keep up the good work.

Thnks bro...

My Pleasure !


Hi @natdisciple we are all same. colours are nothing its just a skin . i am a south asian we are neither black nor white . our hearts should be good and colours does not matter at all .overall nice post keep it up ...

Wow... You have spoken so well my dear.......
I am glad you like it...
More creative writings coming your way.....
I love you...