#Ulog No. 25. TRUE TALK. (Today in school #16)

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It feels good to do this again here my fellow esteemed steemians. I want to use this time to share a little story with you all concerning what happened today in school, some where in kafanchan Kaduna state Nigeria west Africa.

On Friday 06/07/18. Like every other day, we came school Early in the morning. We lined up on the assembly ground. Oh! I mean the pupils....

While the assembly was on, we prayed, and sang the national and school anthem respectively...

After all these, the pupils were encouraged to take their studies with all seriousness, and that, only those who work hard succeed in life.
Having said all that, the pupils were all asked to match in to their respectives classes in other to receive lessons from their fully trained and licensed teachers.

While the pupils were happily matching into their classes, one of the pupils in my class called JIMOLO (3 years old) came and shouted "Uncle, today is my birthday..." Then I said " Wow... That's awesome sweetheart. I am so happy for you". And she replied "Uncle, I am happy because I will one day grow up like you. And I will one day get old like grandma and I will have my kids. And I will just sit at home and eat as I watch TV"...

Then I replied "well, you are right sweetheart. That's all true. But for now, let's celebrate you.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART...."
Then I sang a birthday song for her


celebrate every one in your life....

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