#Ulog No. 22 TRUE TALK (today in school #15)

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 Today in school

I am back again with another inspiring story about today in school with my kids (pupils).
It was Tuesday July 3rd, 2018. Still in a very small town called kafanchan in Kaduna state Nigeria west Africa. We came to school as always, looking nice and neat and fully prepared to teach and learn as the case may be.

The kids went into their various classes, and were sitted fully prepared to learn. And so I came in to teach. We really had a nice time in class.

At about 10:00 am (Nigerian time), the bell goes for break. We all went out And while the break was on, I was just going about the school environment and I met this small girl called Gift (3 years old) in a Conner crying. I was not happy seeing her in such manner, then I moved close to her. With a soft and pleasant voice, I interrogated "Sweetheart. Come over here. Why are you crying here alone? What is the matter my dear?". Then she replied "uncle. I am feeling Hungary, I didn't eat anything before coming to school...".

At that point, I had just 50 Naira (about 0.138 USD) in my pocket, and I planed to use it and get something to eat. But seeing Gift in this situation, I then said " it's OK sweetheart... Dry your eyes. Come with me.". Then I took her to the school canteen and I bought donuts for her with the money and she ate. Then she happily left....

When the school closed, her Mumm came to pick her up. She narrated every thing that happened to her Mumm, and I was summoned by her Mumm. I came and her Mumm said "Uncle, my daughter told me what happened. Thanks for being there to play my role in my absence". Then I replied "come on Madame, it's nothing. Even as you are her Mumm out there, I am her Dad in here". Then she removed an develop and said "Uncle, I am not paying you for this but just use this to transport yourself back home". When I opened the envelop, I saw 4,000 Naira ( about 11.11 USD).


the Good you did to someone in this life will return to you in hundred folds....

Be Good......
Show some love to someone......

I love you....

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You're a blessing to every kid out there. Keep it up, pal. God bless you and your family. ^_^

Amen sweetheart...... I appreciate

My brother beautiful afternoon to you, please you said you're a blogger and i will love to work with you...
Just add me on steemit @ikemsamuel or on discord @ikemsamuel#9168 or
email me @ [email protected] Will be waiting for your reply!..

Its ok bro. I will hit you up....

Cool bro!..

Wow!!! @natdisciple am very happy to hear this lovely inspired story!.. You have played my role too.. Thank God everything end well!.. And i so much thank @surpassinggoogle and #ulogs and my follow #uloggers to see this your lovely inspired story that touches!.. Am very moved by your action!.. Please always keep it up!..

Smiles... I appreciate you bro.
More inspiring and creative writings coming your way.......

I love you bro.

Me too bro!..

Heart touching and inspiring story bro ☺

Smiles.... I am Glad you like it.
More creative and inspiring stories coming your way