ULOG - My Entry To Ulog-Quotes Contest by @surpassinggoogle.

in ulog •  9 months ago


Hi Uloggers!

This is my first time to post a #ulog. I will be joining the ulog-quotes contest by @surpassinggoogle.

"Please Don't Delay Fresh Ulogs Inside."

From now on I will be delivering to all #uloggers fresh and new ulogs from my daily experiences and explorations. I will be traveling around the Philippines to give you fresh #ulog-photography and #ulog-videography. Let's make ulog very popular in the internet. Let's build ulogacy. I will also curating new quality #ulog post.

I hope you will like my adventures and explorations now that I am your #ulog-geographer.

See you on my next ulog.

Your Xplorer,

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