#Ulog Post: @mrposyble's Health Advice; Beware of Too Much intake of Sugar, It Kills!

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In my ulog post today, I will share with us a picture which shows the level of sugar in some of the soft drinks we take.

Just take a look👇👇👇
(Taken with my camera phone)

From the picture above, you will see that its only water that is sugar free which means we should take more water.

Of course, taking sugar is good but too much of it, is detrimental to our health.

So, should in case you want to take soft drinks, it should be minimal.

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God bless.


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Click on the image👇👇👇


for over a year , i have taken it upon my self to eliminate sugar intake, and to stick to this, i cut out on all soft drink intakes, nothing at all, even packed juices no matter how much they emphasize its 100% no sugar added, only brand i sightly trust is Ceres.

i hower take quite a bit of energy drinks, especially coffee, cobra and sting. i guess i will have to check on that too. intake of refined sugar (white sugar ) is deadlier, go for the brown one , atleast.

You are right.

Thank you for the reminder @mrposyble . I am trying to avoid soda now.

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