My 1st #Ulog : "Tired but Happy"

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Hello everyone!

I just finished browsing Steemit today and there is another trending topic now, it is called #ulog or #ulogs wherein, you can write and share on what happened on your day. For me it's like a diary right?

For more details, please do read this helpful link:

Ulog Link

Now, I am so excited to share what happened this day. Although I'm tired, but when I read this ulog trend, I am more motivated to share my life everyday to all of you.

Today, I will make my first #Ulog post.

Earlier in the morning, I prepared all the main ingredients of my dishes and cooked it one by one. I need to finish selling afternoon snacks as early as possible because my friend invited me to have a dinner because it's her birthday.

In this picture, I am cooking pancit canton.



On this, I finished preparing my turon or banana lumpia.


I finished cooking it.


And luckily, I sold it all before 4pm this afternoon. Enough time to have a relaxation before fixing myself and going to the birthday party.

Me and my son went to the party at Classic Savory in Valenzuela City.


Other invited guests and my friends also.


What a tiring day but still a memorable and joyful one. Hoping that tomorrow and the next days will be the same or much better that yesterday. Thank you for reading my first #ulog.




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Amazing teardrops.
I like this your all post.
Thanks for sharing this post.

So beautiful ulog my dear friend.

Wow pansit at turon. na miis ko na kumain ng mga yan.

Lol, just did mine too.
I miss pansit. I thought that was lumpia. I love lumpia.