ULOG 20: I Guess HomeSchooling Started

in ulog •  6 months ago


I was starting to feel stressed out over homeschooling. What am I doing? Are we just gonna hang out at home forever?

But today, I went supply shopping.

And all of a sudden I needed! A binder for attendance, and replacement rulers, new glue and tape, sharply sharpened pencils and pencil sharpeners, erasers, a new mini board and dry erase markers, that book i'd been wanting.

I bought some stuff just because it was well priced, but made sure to take inventory of my cart and making sure that EVERYTHING I was purchasing had a specific use. All of a sudden, my confidence came back. The giddiness of school supplies overcame any little anxiety I had been feeling.

A new journal was all I needed to start planning all of the projects I have been wanting to work out. My calendar is getting full, my project list is getting full, and all of a sudden I find myself thinking: "Will I have enough time to complete all these awesome projects?"

Halloween, Valentines Day, 100 Days of School, Weekly Celebrations. I love being the classroom mom and teacher all in one.

I love homeschooling, having my kids next to me, letting them sleep longer, forming partnerships within themselves, being there for the light bulb moments.

Today, I went from being stressed to realizing that I am truly blessed.


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Ah yes! So glad to read you got your homeschooling mojo back! I have a couple hard cases in my clan- you know the ones who's first answer to anything is "No!" So, what am I doing? Probably creating more of that by focusing on it! Lol! So, I need to get my head clear and get refocused. Maybe go supply shopping alone... Maybe... Anyway, enough about me--good for you! 💖

That magic journal will compel everything into place :)
All the best @metzli
Can't wait to hear about your home-school journey

Homeschooling, sometimes we'd wonder whether we have done the right thing. Putting our children's education into our direct ward is very challenging, sometimes scary. But for me, a year later, it is also one of the best decisions we made.

Glad that you feel better after a bit of out the classroom teaching. I'm always amazed how.onw can carry both roles with their kids. That's something I will never achieve. I'll be glad that they even take me as a friend to share their inner thoughts when they become a teenager.

Live & love... That's my motto in life too

Good for you! This has been our best year yet! 5 years strong! Go mama!

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How awesome it is to homeschool. One day perhaps I too will be able to do the same and have the family support behind me. Good job good mama!

In the Netherlands its uncommen to homeschool but Being away so long we took homework and books with us on the trip now. And I now understand more that you say :

I love homeschooling, having my kids next to me, letting them sleep longer, forming partnerships within themselves, being there for the light bulb moments.
Today, I went from being stressed to realizing that I am truly blessed.

Its My turn to let them fly into the New school year on monday, they are excited and I am not😉 they grow up to fast !

Homeschooling is SO fun! Just remember, you are not bringing school home, you are helping your child learn in their own way, so it will look unique to you! Make sure you give yourself the freedom to LET GO of what is not working for you!
Best of luck!! ♥

Funny how everytime we feel "I cannot do this!", and then things just fall into place? Keep going mama!


Thank you. It’s going!