My Personal Plan During The Unknown

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I have lots of ideas and not enough follow through to complete them, which sometimes leaves me feeling as if I am doing "nothing."

I decided that my surefire way to keep creating an income for my family was to create a consistent income, which is why I have been working on scoping, so that I can earn a monthly wage and keep my children and me out of "poverty level" (which I realize in the United States is still a higher quality level living than in many places).

Still, I am a dreamer, so I have been working on blogs and ebooks. My plan was to start blogs on the steem blockchain that were linked to ebooks, create newsletters and a following for them, create a customer base, and then make money off the ebooks, or sell the whole blog with all its content to, well, anyone who would pay for it.

I have two blogs in the works right now, each with more than 20 blog posts ready to go, one with an ebook ready to go, another one with an ebook already outlined.

I also had a "course" that I was intending to automate. A "writing for self" course, where I encouraged people to write for the sake of writing and keep an online journal. I have 15 blog posts ready to go with that and my big sell was going to be, encouraging people to post on Marlians, using the ULOG tag, and introducing them to crypto with my "basics of crypto" ebook, which, is also outlined.

Now, I feel a little bit like, wah wah wah, my platform is in danger, how am I going to sell there, what do I do now?

Here is my new plan:

  1. Continue with the scoping, I will be finishing that course in the next six months, and getting a consistent income for my family.

  2. Keep the @metzli blog going. I have faith that whatever happens, there are enough of us who want to keep decentralized, which is why I am here in the first place. To have a place to write and earn money without worrying about government having a say in my earnings or my speech (although I am bland enough to fit within the government grid).

  3. Keep building my online projects. Sure, I can't use the steem blockchain as a home for them now, and I will have to see what the steemleo team has planned for their digital projects, but, the projects are good "as is" and keeping polishing them is a good idea. Worse case scenario, I have to buy web pages for them, and go back to the mainstream... there's more customers there anyway.

I came here for decentralization and to get away from "the man." I have invested some money and lots of time on here and want to say that I will stick with whatever the decentralized option is. Hostile takeovers (if that's what it is) is what the government would do if they wanted to get us under their thumb again. I am willing to lose all my work and investment to stay out of those traps.

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