CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 2.37 - Internet

in #ulog2 years ago

It is difficult for me to remember a time without the internet.

I know in High School I still wrote notes to my friends on paper instead of leaving messages on their walls, and I know that in Middle School I still had to fill out paper forms, but that seems like a long time ago.

Bild von Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay

It seems like I have always needed the internet for something or other, and truly, I am happy that I no longer have to use a dial up connection or go to the Library, and that "fast" internet is readily available everywhere I go.

I look forward to continuing teaching my kids of life outside the internet, drawing on paper, making crafts, tactile of feeling that goes beyond a keyboard or a touch screen.

Really though, the internet just enhanced everything. Talking on the phone means you can now text too, playing video games now means you don't have to go to your friends house to play with them. Buying yarn or other art supplies means you can look up more about the product.

I always laugh because I am the oldest millennial, and many millennial realities don't apply to me.

Today, with this question, I realize that oldest millennial or not, I truly have used the internet all my life.



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I believe it's time for me to move where you live. My dial in connection was way better as what I am suffering from since 17 years. I still need to drive distances to find a bit better connection and in many cases it's disappointing in this area too. 😭

Consider yourself lucky.

You have number 6.
Good luck. 💕

Saludos @metzli. Si, internet vino y nos ahorra tiempo y pérdida de tiempo. Ya que no hay que salir para averiguar muchas cosas. Internet trae la información solo con tocar unas teclas. Es una maravilla. Tanto para el que trabaja como el que estudia y para el que tiene hijos uff, pare de contar.

Greetings @metzli. If the internet came and saves us time and wasted time. Since you don't have to go out to find out many things. Internet brings information just by touching a few keys. It is a wonder. For both the one who works and the one who studies and for the one with uff children, stop counting.

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