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I don't mean to sound like an ingrate, but I'm sure that to some I will. When we first found this home, one of the selling points at least for me, was the fact that it had a pool. You see, the idea of becoming a homeowner one day was very much connected with having a pool. In my view, that was one of the things you had if you "made it".

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The balancing game I hate

It's completely my fault of course, I did not do my research. Turns out these things require work, a lot of work so they stay functional. In other words, pools are not plug and play as I once imagined. So, more often than not, I recent my pool. I look at it, see the issue it may have at the moment, too alkaline, too cloudy, etc, and let all the negative emotions fester.

The worse part is that you can't ignore it, if you do it gets worse, much worse. I've had to shock it more than 3 times since we've lived here and the process is annoying to say the least. Having a pool in florida in my opinion, at least these days, is a nightmare. It rains so much, you are constantly fighting mother nature so that she won't call the toads forth.

If you've never had to take care of a pool, trust me, you are lucky. It's not worth it, not if you are the one who is taking care of it. If you have to foot the chemical bills, do the stupid little tests, and troubleshoot the aging pump, that for sure is leaking somewhere.

Yes.... I wish nothing more than living in a place with no pool.... OMG, that would be so awesome! What was I thinking?


I want to own a house with a pool as well. And when you go to the open house, the pool looks so nice...but the grass is always greener on the other side and everything takes work to make perfect.

We didn’t have a pool but a jacuzzi. One that appears to be one of the rolls royces under the jacuzzi’s!
In the beginning it was fun and joy but after a while we became bored with it.
So I can very much relate to the shocking of the water. And it consumed so much energy that we decised to sell it!
To make things clear the jacuzzi was part of the house when we bought it!
We turned it into this:

That seems like a very fine solution in my opinion, I like it :D

that looks awesome to me

I am asking myself the same question. What were you thinking? Pools were invented by desert people to store water and avoid dying of thirst. They also used them to cultivate plagues and send them to their enemies, say, the Egyptians.
If you live near a body of water or in a place where you actually get water from the sky, you do not ned a pool! :)
If you live in Florida, you already have naturally bred plagues.

I used to run a salt water pool. It's not any cheaper, but it was a lot less work as the system maintains it's own chlorine levels. After the initial dose of salt you only occasionally add more salt as the water gets diluted by rainwater and you have to de-calcify the generator if you have hard water.

I rather never have a pool again hahahahha

A Pool is a hole in the ground in which one pours time and money. Could be worse though, try a boat, that's a hole in the water in which one pours a fortune. I had both and miss neither.

Your pool boy @clayboyn has not been doing his job I see

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Oh yeah. That looks like my dad's above the ground pool. It was mostly okay years ago when my mom moved out of the house and he took over. He actually had someone ask him if he was selling the pool and he turned them down. He always laments that now that its a spawning area for mosquitos, frogs and bees. It has a cover over it, disintegrating cover at that. Not looking forward to when that either falls in or we have to take it off to drain it so we can get someone to demolish it. shutters

Turn that pool into a party patio pad. No water... lawn furniture at the bottom, with a BBQ.

The pool in the backyard is very tempting...but so far I have resisted it , even in the rental properties.

we sold our house with the pool. Yeah, I got tired of it too, but we also had a lot of great times in that pool! :)

The joys of a pool in humid muggy FL....bring on the mosquitos!

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