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Remember this olden days car? Ever ridden it before? This model is denoted as "VW 82E" (Deluxe)


Volkswagen was established in the year 1937 by the German Labour Front under the umbrella of Adulf Hitler.

In those days, most Germans could only afford motorcycle because cars were luxury.

I took time to make this drawing so it could look as real as possible.

first shot

Second and final shot

Thank you for stopping by.


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Nice work Maxwell. I had one of those vehicles one time. 😊

Oh really? Got any idea where it could be right now? I believe it is now a scrab.

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I’m sure it is scrap now, Maxwell. It was an old black one, great on gas and in the summertime but the heater wasn’t very good for a Canadian winter. I remember having to reach out and scrap the windshield at stop lights in order to see through the ice that formed ~ that was tricky. 😊

And it was a noise maker!

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Great drawing!!

Wow... I’ve missed a lot of your fabulous drawings these past few days because I’ve been visiting family and friends and away from Steemit. I love this Volkswagen drawing! I always wanted to own a car like this, and airbrush it to look like a ladybug 🐞 Ha Ha. Thank you for the interesting information about the car my friend ❣️

Family is very important and am glad you took time to visit them.

Ahh but at least you've own something better than that now.

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