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I got a call from a friend of mine that someone needed an artwork urgently.

I abandoned every other thing I was doing without waisting further time, I got the guy's contact and placed a call. We agreed on a particular deal and I got the picture from him.


I started the work straight up. I used a day and even worked overnight to make sure the drawing is completed before the agreed date - which was the following day.


However I didn't finish it that night so I had to wake up early enough to complete it.


The process was conjugated with mixed feelings of stress and fun but am glad I did my job and delivered on time.


Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Another great art 🎨 top job 👌

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Thank you for appreciating my work.

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Wow thanks a bunch.

Such exceptional art deserves worthy upvote. This is magnificent


Thanks alot @dante31, the great Poet.

Wow that is quite an achievement. It turned out beautiful I am sure the client was thrilled with it.


Absolutely he was. I guess he never expected it to come out that way.

Thanks for stopping by.


Well it is probably not the best idea to rush an artist at work. Makes me wonder what it would have been like without the deadline.


Yea not a good idea but you just have to do it sometime...perhaps to show how proficience you are.

Very nice portrait, @maxijgcomm ! The smile is captured nicely <3 What a lovely picture~


Thanks for appreciating my work.

Awesome piece you have here,
I totally love the way you used the negative space to shade out this portrait.
Also capturing the facial expression very well by making her eyes appear realistic.

Thumbs up.

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Thank you very much. Am glad you were able to recognize the negative space.

And thanks for the curation!

un gran trabajo, me gusto este retrato,

Wow... you did a couple of awsome portraits when I was gone from Steemit for awhile. I’ve been very busy, unexpected things came up. Missed you and your beautiful artwork friend! This ladies portrait is beautiful, I hope she loved it, I sure do. She has a very kind face doesn’t she? Your so good at drawing material, the shading in the scarf is fantastic❣️Blessings


Thanks a lot. Definetly she will.