Working hard and learning new things (ulog day #11)

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Hello everyone, here is another late #ulog😇

Before I start, I want to ask you about something. Since @chamudiliyanage and I are sisters, our daily routines are a lot similar. So as we both are fans of #ulogging, our #ulogs might be telling the same stories. So I'm worried that you might get bored with it. So I like to know your opinion about it.

Then, let me tell you how yesterday was.

Yesterday, I woke at about 7.00 am. I got out of the bed feeling a bit excited cuz I had a dream about an adventure. I ran, jumped and did a lot of things because some creepy creatures were chasing behind us lol. 🤣

As the first thing in the morning, I opened Memrise tab with a cup of tea in my hand. If you still haven't heard about memrise, it's a great site to learn languages. Not only you can learn various languages using flashcards for free but also you set a daily goal and get polished your skills day by day. I'm learning Spanish with the help of it.

Yesterday I learned about relationships in Spanish. Now I know how to call my relatives with Spanish names! Let me teach you an important one, ''amigo''. I think you already know the meaning. It meant you guys for me! Hola amigos!!! 😁

Then I opened my Japanese book to do the homework. I still have 300 numbers to go and I also have to erase some numbers I wrote. Instead of using 'hyaku' which means hundred in Japanese I used 'jou' which used for 10,20,30 and etc. I have to pay the price for somebody's idiocy.🤐

Then I wasted a bit of time by watching some anime and listening to music. I don't know if I can call it time wasting but according to my mother, it is.😂 She is always telling me to get the highest value of time by not wasting it. And I'm trying to that.

We ate fried rolls for lunch as it was almost evening. It's not delicious or fresh as homemade ones but it filled our stomachs. While eating, we watched a video of Dan Lok who is a more multimillion. Our parents say that we need to learn about money and business even though we're young. Then we can reach our financial success in a short time.

I can call yesterday a successful one because I took one step to another new learning. I started learning Mandarin Chinese yesterday!

Chinese is becoming an international language so it'll be very valuable to know how to communicate in Chinese. As everyone says, it seems very hard at the first glance but I got a hang of it after a few minutes. I found a site called Rocket Language and so far it's good and almost free.

The problem with Chinese is the enormous number of characters and it doesn't pronounce as it is written in Pinyan. But I think it'll be easier in a few days. I decided to skip the characters for now and to learn conversational Chinese. I already know a few words.

Now I'm afraid that I might mix up the languages I'm learning.😂

In the evening, I did my mother's Zumba Class. I taught her a new warm-up routine.

After that, I focused on my flexibility improving goal. I still cannot pull a perfect scorpion. I did a wall stretching and it wasn't as easy as I thought. I have to practice more.

After taking a bath, I read my Economics book. But soon I got tired of that and browsed the web to find some interesting facts. And that's how I found the flexibility trick my sister had already told you. If you read a paragraph backward, you'll able to touch your toes. Don't ask me if it's true because I can touch my toes without the help of it!😜

In the dinner time, we watched ''Who am I'' for the second time. Now I'm very interested in films about martial arts because I had a taste. His moves and speed in very graceful, I would say. Especially the final fight was great. (The bad guy in black suit reminds me of Sanji. I wish I could raise my leg as high as he can)

And that's how my yesterday went. And I'm here listening to a Japanese radio station. Gotta chill before the school starts!😢

And I like to know your experiences on learning another language. Which one interested you the most so far? And what are troubles you had with it? And did you try Learning Chineses? Please tell me more about it.

Thanks for stopping by :) Until we meet again 🖤

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Congratulations! @mashiliyanage’s Happy day.

Hehe, thanks! Sometimes life gives you candies ;)

The Nike air sweatshirt is awesome!!

Hehe, thank you! :)

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