Leaving Tintri

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I haven't kept on my blogging here in the past couple months, and there's a significant reason why.

After nearly 11 years at Tintri, I've decided it's time for me to start something new. This wasn't an easy decision, but ultimately I felt it was the correct one for myself and my family.

I'm profoundly grateful for the unique opportunity I had to co-found Tintri, build novel technology, and find customers that love it. I'm also thankful for the great friends and coworkers I've had over the years. Success is always a team effort, and I value the work that Tintri employees have put into making and selling our product, and building and re-building the organization.

I've accepted an offer from Hashicorp to come work on the Vault product, with the job title of Vault Advisor. I look forward to learning new things and helping to contribute to their success.

I plan to write a blog entry about my job search process in the coming weeks. It was challenging to being looking again after 11 years out of the job market, particularly as I did want to make a change away from storage.


@markgritter, Good wishes from my side for your new journey. When we associate with something from so long then separation is so painful aspect. Stay blessed.

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welcome back Mark. I would love to read about your job search process. :o)

I using your post to test something @regularowl