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half I use steemit my activity on facebook stop completely it all happened because steemit is more profitable than facebook, in steemit i appreciated and i can make money through tokens steem dollars (SBD) and STEEM, While my facebook did not get anything for 8 years I use it, to be honest just using facebook is a waste of time, and facebook is not just a place to post our daily but now facebook has become a place of fights already many criminal acts and inhumane acts occurred there, examples such as massacres of citizens in Myanmar mying it all happened because one of the people who are not responsible and publish in social media facebook.

my mission is to do a promo-steem in all social media to cover facebook and go to the bright street that is in #steemit.

for you #ulog invite your close friends or your family to leave facebook and get to the right street in #steemit.

do not waste any more time on facebook it will hurt you to join steemit for a better future.

thank you.

success @ulogs

support #ulog
Support #promo-steem.

success @stephenkendal and friends.

let's extend steemit around the world, leave facebook now.

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