#Ulog 039: A Change In My Lifestyle

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Hi fellow Uloggers!

The rain keeps on pouring outside since yesterday and most of the places in the Metro is already flooded.


We just have to stay at home amd was not able to go to church because of the storm. Blessed enough we have food to eat and my mother sent us abocadofrom the province which does not have any preservatives or spray. It's pure organic.


As I open it into half I can see it's perfection. No blemishes and it's cover is so thin.


One avocado makes my cup so full and my stomach also (LOL).


What I am busy today is studying and learning more about organic products because I wanted to change my lifestyle and the food that I take since I believe PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.


I decided to start now that I am still young and capable.

How about you guys, what are busy at?

By the way thanks for reading my short entry today for #ulog initiated by @surpassinggoogle.


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I love avocado I made a veggie salad

I love avocado too.

I just bought avocado yeterday for my salad.