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Greetings friends of ulogger, today I want to share with you this event which I was sworn of the special works of degree, of information and communication technologies; studies promoted by the Universidad del Magisterio Venezolano; this will allow them to choose the degree of technology specialist. It is important to point out that I have been teaching technology for many years, however it has been presented that many teachers still do not want to use technological tools to favor learning.

Being in front of this jury experience, I felt satisfied because all the participants were teachers and we saw the work they did transforming realities with the use of ICT, in addition to using an IATP methodology (Transformative participatory action research), which allows times that is necessary to be able to achieve transformations that serve to improve the educational quality within the contexts where they are.

Here I show you some photos of the experience as a jury.

Jury evaluator of Special Grade Works
Participant performing his socialization of TEG
2019-05-25 10.38.47.jpg
Participant performing his socialization of TEG
Participant receiving approval by the evaluating jury.

  • Rewarding experience for my professional growth*

See you in a next post.


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