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Hello steemit family. I want to share what I'm doing before I'm going to bed today. I open my gallery and start scanning the pictures in awesome smile project. I always imagined how really the kids happy on that day. So I decided to make a 3D video using my photo grid applications. I was also fun in hearing the sound and seeing the happy picture I choose.
I always thinking that hoping someday we can make another awesome smile project so that in charity work we can build our relationship towards others and helping them in their needs.

This 3D pictures is nice to show the happiness of the street kids when they received a gift from steemians. And here is another 3D views of pictures

Thank you very much.


Hello @liamnov
Great activity you shared!
Since ulog is about you and your day, it would be wonderful if you additionally tell the world what other things you did during your day.
I give you some tips and ideas to make your future ulogs.


tips 2.png

Thank you @teardrops for giving me some tips and idea in my future #ulogs

wow. got some skills. nice

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