#ulog: How Are You?

in #ulog2 years ago

How are you? Kamusta ka? Cómo estás? Wie geht es dir? Jal jinaess-eoyo? Nǐ hǎo ma. Comment allez-vous, Ogenkidesuka



The most common questions we ask our family members and friends whenever we meet them. But have we asked them this question lately?

We ask these questions as a temp check on the current mood of the person we are talking to. In call centers or BPOs especially those who are in customer service, they usually ask these questions to their caller. With these questions, we will be able to know how the person we are talking to feels at the current moment or this could also lighten the mood of the conversation.

In our daily activities, it is also important for us to ask our loved ones especially our kids or our parents how they are doing, this is not just a temp check this also opens up a conversation and makes them feel cared. This is also a way for the other person to vent out and share any pain that he or she is experiencing.

However, for most people whom we ask the question "How are you?" the most common answers is I am fine! or I am OK! But deep inside they want to say "I am sad!", "I am hurt!" I am depressed! I am broken! I am in pain! It is nice to reach out to a loved one or a friend whom we know is experiencing issues or problem at the moment. We may want them to open up to us and share their pain and in return, we extend our love and utmost care to them And we make them feel loved. We may also want to make them feel that we are just here ready to listen.



When was the last time you've asked your mother or your father "how are you?" Or have you asked your wife or your husband "how was your day?" Or maybe have you asked your daughter or son how she or he is doing? Let them know that we care and make them feel that we love them and we are just here ready to always listen.





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thanks for reminding me to tell these words to my family members. Sometimes we forget telling it because we become busy with our own life.

You're very much welcome @bhabykat! 😊❤That's true we sometimes forget this because of our busy schedule , I try my best to ask my kids this especially if they got home from school and to my husband if I feel he is not ok.

Hi @leahlei ¿cómo estás?
Excellent post I liked it very much, with a very inspiring message that motivates us to reflect on the need to take time to be truly with our loved ones 💖
Thank you for inviting us to this reflection. My regards and I hope you are well! 🌻

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