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Hi steemians, i hope you all are doing good.
I would normally not do this but this is a matter of urgency.

I'm soliciting the help of you guys to help contribute in any way you can so that i can pay my semester's school fees.
I am in my final year and final semester but i havent paid my fees.
I am a stuent in the University of Uyo, Uyo, Akwaibom State, Nigeria.
Our school's portal would close very soon and when that happens and i havent paid my fees yet, it means i would no longer be considered or seen as a student of the school and i wouldn't want that to happen to me.

Its roughly 54 SBD, dats #24,000 nd $67

Ive gone too far now to give up already.

I would really appreciate any help i can get, thanks in anticipation.

May God bless you all.

Thanks again.

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OK God will make a way

Thanks a lot dear

Owww so sorry dear, i have actually been there before too, don't worry God always gets to make a way even when theres no hope just believe and have faith aiit.
Will definitely help in my small way too to support

I really appreciate

I'm very positive that there will be a way, you will not drop, not now. **please let's resteem this post to our friends, it is also a way of helping. I will do my best OK.

Thanks a lot dear

God will help you

The lord will see you through


Upvoted and resteemed
God got you 👉

Thanks a lot


Thank you for using RESTEEM FOR CHARITY. Your post has been Resteemed + 77% Upvote.

Send a minimum of 0.1 SBD to @giving-girl to support the feeding of street children. In return we Resteem and Upvote your post. Use your post Url as Memo.

I pray that you will get the help you need soon enough

Amen and thanks a lot dear

I've sent a token as support for your school fees payment, you'll scale through. All the best

Thanks a lot, i really appreciate