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Today i was at the Creativity Hub again and i was taught on how to create a Steemgig. Believe me it was challenging at first due to the stress it was putting me through but like on other it gave me so much joy after my first Steemgig was finally posted.

Here is the Link:


Steemgig as i was taught is a platform on Steemit where we showcase and advertise our gigs.
Now i discovered also that Steemgig has a whole lot of Category and Subcategory such as
Graphics & Design

Digital Marketing

Videos and Animation

Writing and Translation


Music & Audio

Programming & Tech

I also learnt that the Sub category responds after we've selected a specify category.
Amazing Steemgig grants you the privilege of describing your gig to suit your satisfaction and there you have no limit to how you wish to describe your services.

The rewards here on Steemgig are mind blowing
So i sucessfully created my first Steemgig specifically for the Southern part of Nigeria it about Events Decoration.
Hope you will find my gig worthy of patronage.

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