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Someone shared with me a reason for not being in a good mood, and fortunately, this happened to me a year ago, I shared it with him, and i think you should be the next to read the awesome story...

The problem is this exactly, I tell other people too much information, I love to repay any good deeds directed towards my way, I want to help anyone who struggles, but in the end, i hurt not only them but also myself. He claimed...

Now I just need to learn How to shut up.

Then I delve in...
There is an adage in Nigeria here, it belongs to the Yoruba tribe, which says... "B'esin ba dani, aatuungun ni"

Basically, this means: When you get injured by a horse, no hesitation, all you have to do is climb it straight up again...

It's more like a motivation and inspiration to me anytime it seems to be hard. I get stronger with this awesome quote.

And we can start the story now...
Once upon a time, I met this friend in Football school (Zenith FC), and he turned out to be a best friend, I should have said a blood brother because I was treated like one....

We cook together, play together, and wine and dine together. It gone to a stage that some of his behaviours turned out to be mine, and I exchanged mine with him too. He was not as crazy as I did at the onset, but along the way, I turned him a mad man. Now, he could wine and abuse for Africa. Yeah, I learnt something from him too, and that is how to be calm

Although, it can't just take away all my personalities just like that.

After each training, we share opinions on our performances.

Kuboskeey, how was my dribble capacity today, I'm I improving? Yes, but you have got to be aggressive a little bit, opponents pull you down often, carry your hands with you for protection, you have got to be crazy sometimes man. Some defenders deserve craziness.

I will also ask, but my question has always been, what is the next step after graduation buddy? He always reply, let's focus on this first, all I know is we are surely destined to be great.

This served a motivational speech that is worth a million dollar untill we gained our freedom to play elsewhere.

Now, we are free, we have got no money to make videos, and all other stuffs, then he came up with an idea.

Somebody introduced me to a freelance business, and I think you can also try your luck.

I replied, what is that bro?


We applied for fiverr authentication and it was granted. He taught me how to write a blog and we get started with our ambition.

Along the way, he made it huge, but I am still struggling to be a success at fiverr.

He called me again and teached me how to write a LinkedIn summary, and this turned out to be a perfect gate to success, as the money gained on ine profile is enough to start up a little business.

I made some money and I chose to diversify my funds, since we have got different destinies. With my momentum, I knew Fiverr cannot foot my bills when it comes to travelling out of the country to showcase my talent (Hoping to take your football career to the next level? Get out of your Zone)

I went into farming, and also urged him too, as the flight fee is not only the real deal but also the payment for miscellaneous. He gave me the money to start up for him too as he is new to farming, but in the end we were both knocked down by this challenge.

He was like, how come it happens this way, but I have got nothing to convince him. He agreed but the trust in me get a lower mark...

I still chat with him since it was not intentional, but it is not as it was 365 days ago.

In my quest to face the challenge again, and some information he later heard through a friend that lives in the village i resided for farming, he agreed with me that I am truly a brother, so we shared the pain together for a year.

I will tell you he is still one of the best friends I have till date, as he has come over the shit, and our friendship is taking a new shape once again.

Are you going through the same? Then this should serve as a lesson. Never get angry to your friend over a simple issue. The devil is waiting in a corner to split you guys, you both have to conquer him by being the best again.

Yes, there will be a misunderstanding, that is even an understatement, a lot of misunderstandings permit my mistake. So, all you have to do is, look at the floor, command your horse, climb it again and move on. The horse is the perfect animal to ride on, and this also applies to challenge; It is meant to be trampled upon, walk through it.

Shake it off, never get tired of helping others, you just have to be diplomatic...

If you chose to stop helping others, then you have stopped being the REAL YOU... So, its cool being REAL...

Try as much and explain things to him through your actions and good intentions, hopefully he could realized that you were just trying to help and not hurt.

When this happened to me, I felt so bad but it took a lot of courage and good intention to buy his heart again.

You have got a lot to conquer, never give yourself unnecessary headache that could jeopardize your creativity, pick up your pen again and write something great, your friends are waiting to read...

Take care, Kuboskeey cares...


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Thank you for sharing

You are welcome sis

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