Spent my day playing games

in #ulog6 years ago


Woke up really motivated today but no plans of going out.. For some time now, I've been down, and still on medication, so i decided to give myself some quality rest..
And as at the time of writing this, it's almost 4pm and I've been playing PS all day.. I and @sleekee.. Loosing some and winning some games..
It's been fun.. I've missed the days when this was like my everyday routine before other things came up to divide time..
For the remaining part of my day, I guess I'm going to watch movies..
You can suggest any of your all time favorite movie.. Thanks..


My favorite movie is Scott pilgrim vs the world. I love the graphic novel and I think the movie is so underated.

I wish I can enjoy life like you, I have to go to school right now and enter some conferences later

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