young people are the most suitable for active promo-steem activities ...

in #ulog6 years ago

hi promoter friends all over the world how are you today ... are you all okay .. i am @kamalkhann today we meet again at the same event which is the promo-steem section which i call promo-steem active .. why I say that young people are better suited to active promo-steems ... because most young people are the most passionate about everything. both in small and big things. don't even just sit back in front of the monitor. looking for constantly searching and continuing to provide new information and motivation for everyone they find ..

their enthusiasm is still far greater than what we see today ... even young people around the world are more active in all promo-steem activities and their writing is also good and good according to the criteria needed.


because what is needed in steemit is not he who is rich. but he who can provide something useful for others ... in whatever category it is. thank you..

               Team promo-steem aceh..



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