Ulog Day #5 : Breaking Fast Together With Ramadan With Simple Menu But Very Meaningful

in ulog •  last year  (edited)

Hi friend steemit today I want to share with friends all about the beauty of breaking the fast during the month of ramadan.


Breaking the fast with friends and family during Ramadan has become a habit that can not be abandoned. But sometimes we are difficult to determine what is delicious menu and where a cool place to break the fast together.


Many things will be expressed while eating together after breaking the fast. That's when the family atmosphere lost in an organization because the activity and activity of each member in a container organization will come back to life.


All will tell each other. Saling each other complaints and grief in the day or maybe a few days before. Not infrequently also plans for the future is also discussed at that time. Even an important decision was also decided during the breaking of the fast. Because of those things, although only a simple can be a breaking moments of fasting and eating together in an organization is a very meaningful event.


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