#Ulog 2: Felis Catus

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my 2nd ulog :)


Felis catus is a scientific name of a cat, it's the title of this Ulog because today, I woke up early in the morning to have some few walks and to enjoy the fresh morning air.

And when I was about to go home, this cat caught my attention because of her eyes (yes, she's a girl hehe). I have already seen some cats like her having different colors of eyes at both sides but I didn't captured them.

So, I took a photo of it and went home.

This is the photo btw,

2018-01-26 08.41.15 1.jpg

When I got home, I take a look to the photo that I captured and I wondered it will be better if I had some few edits with it.

I always love the look of Teal and Orange, so I tried to pop out those colors to the photo I captured.

And here's the result,


It looks like it somehow suits to the photo, so I saved it. And it became better than the photo before.

So, that's it. Thank you for reading and I hope you guys like this post. Have a nice day everyone!

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Wow, very nice cat.Excellent capture sir.Such an interesting post,keep it up.

*maam 😅, thank you!

An awesome content once again.
I too have posted my first ulog post.

Thank you! Wow, great!

I've seen a quite a number of cats with eyes like that here in the Philippines. But they still look interesting and amazing.

Yeah, they really are amazing!

Awesome. I have also posted my 1st ulog blog.

Oh, that's nice!


Thanks to your post, now I know that the scientific name for cats is "Felis Catus". I've learned something new today! haha =)

Oh, that's great! Thank you too :)

Wow! Awesome

Thank you :)

wow... the first time i see cat with 2 eye color. very unique. thanks for sharing

Oh, thank you too! :)

beautiful creature, some feral cats are hard to photograph but this one seems friendly and used to humans. :) I've just started my ulog posts as well. :)

Oh. Yeah, I agree!

Very cool photo of the Cat with two eye colors!!

Yeah, and she's cute too! 😁