ULOG: Day 109, A typical day

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I woke up reading my mother-in-law’s post in a facebook thanking someone who sent her money for her condition. I am glad that with all the people she helped, someone is kind enough to return the favor. She is now bedridden because of her bone cancer. I chatted with her youger daughter, my sister-in-law who is now also confine in a hospital for days now, with her problem about her hospital bills.

These past few months were not really good for us. My mother-in-law’s condition worsens and her morphine takes effect on her pain 2 hours after she takes it. With that 2 hours, it needs to be massage, to lessen what she is feeling. My sister in law who suppose to come here last Aug 30 didn’t push through because a day before her flight she was confine and still in tnhe hospital right now. For us who booked our tickets for December (we do this months before to get a lesser ticket price) rebooked it 2 weeks later with another rebooking charge fee for each ticket. My mother-in-law requested us to go home this month. I still want to stay positive with what is happening to us. I need to be strong for my husband who just silently cry to sleep at night.


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May god bless your family po. May you find comfort in each other.

Thank you sis. God bless you and the whole family too.

prayers sis and I hope things will be good with your mil and husband

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