#Ulog Day 108, Unplanned Vacation

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Going home for an unplanned vacation without money is very hard. What make it harder is the budget because as much as possible, we want to bring something for everyone but we don’t have enough money to buy. So we just bought things that are a must. Toilet tissue, soducream, a cream for rashes because my mother in law is already bed ridden. She also requested diapers for us but when we compared the price in the Philippines and here in the UAE, it is cheaper in the Philippines so we told her we will just buy her diapers there. This makes me sad because the children long for some pasalubong but we won’t be bringing some.

My husband also requested the bank if they will postpone the payment for his loan for this month and I just hope that it will be granted ao we can have some pocket money to bring home. We will buy medicines for my mother-in-law which is morphine for her pain. I pray everything will be managed when we are there.

I texted my family back in our hometown and I am so grateful that they understand me and my husband that we couldn’t bring something for them. They said the most important is for Ross (my husband) and his mother to see and be able to take care of her even for days.



Don't worry. It shall all be managed well at the end. You got a loving supportive family.

Thank you very much for the encouragement.

I think they will understand. What is impt your husband can be with his mom

Peesence is the most important more than anything...

I agree with most of the comments here , your presence is the greatest gift of them all.

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Hi Sis! I just read today that youre going home too soon. Sorry for being MIA im just dealing with my own problems. But I do pray for your safety and of course your family. As everyone says, its the thought that counts.