RIDDLES ON DTUBE #9 : English and Tagalog Version

in ulog •  2 months ago

Hello there Dtube People!

It's been a long while since our last video on our program "Riddles on Dtube," and here I am again with the English and Tagalog Version of our "Riddle of the Day!"

So, here's our Riddle of the Day: "What can be seen once in a Minute , twice in a Moment and never in a thousand years?"

In Tagalog version for my Fellow Filipino Dtubers, " Ano ang makikita mo ng isang beses sa Minuto dalawa sa Momento and wala nito sa isang libong taon?"

This is just for fun, so comment down your answer...Let us exercise our minds through this Riddle. Thank you for watching and participating.

God bless!

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Thank you for information on Dtube


He's right. Isn't it? :D


Sorry for the late reply...yes he's right.