#ULOG018: How Did I Spent My Weekend?

in #ulog2 years ago

Good Friends won't let you off the hook when you shouldn't be let off the hook. - John O' Donohue

Hey everybody, it is my 18th writings or my online diary where I could share my insights, my personal experiences about life and love life and anything under the sun.


My #ulog is all about how did I spent my weekend. Saturday night and Sunday are my favorite days of the week. Of course, where I could do anything I want in life in line with my plan and dreams.

My kind of Weekends

Balot Eating with Good friends



Unwind at the Bar with Good Friends



Dine at Jovens Eat All You Can with Special Someone



My weekend is a perfect way of unwinding after stressful work. But what made it complete was I am spending it with my Good Friends thru thick and thin. They are my second family.



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