ulog004 : I dey go house

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Ulog 005 The journey

well after 2 weeks of examination stress and all that, am finally going home well for those who don't know am a student of the federal university of technology minna studying Geology. I school in minna but am based in abuja, nigeria

this semester started on the 3rd of January and we are just finishing on the 19th of may we used 5 months for one semester which is extremely long now I give gratitude to God for helping me complete another semester, sometimes I had this feeling I won't make it but he was on my side

this 5 months haven't been easy as a steemian/student you have to put your time and mind in both anyways am free now free to post everyday free to eat sleep call whoever I want whenever I want
it just so amazing

5 months no be play

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