Ulog: #01 Preparing for exams

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Ulog 01 #preparing for exam

hey friends

am Johnson abaje 18 years 100 level good trouble maker

it's 5th may 2018, I woke up around 11:30 am yeah I slept late around 2-3 but anyways after preparing and everything I have to be on my way to class as a student of futminna class is our house

Am starting exams on the 8th of may below is my exam timetable

Datesubject 1subject 2subject 3
MondayCHM 111CHM 112GEL 111
TuesdayMAT 111STA117PLB111
WednesdayPHY 113CPT 111ITE 116
ThursdayPLB 111GEL 111
FridayGST 110ITE 116CHM 111
SaturdaySTA 117PHY 113

If you understand any of this topics well please come and teach me

let me appreciate @surpassinggoogle for this opportunity to share my life and everything about Me .

I can't really write much but I would be leaving class around 7pm so I can eat and rest for church tomorrow.

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