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Fear is such a basic human emotion that manifests subconsciously without any prior preparation for it. For instance, babies are born with the fear of been falling, humans are instinctively afraid of predators or anything that appears to the mind to be dangerous.
There is a lot of stuffs people fear in life. The common ones are failure, rejection, ridicule, loneliness, disappointment,darkness,the unknown, enemy, death and the likes.
The word FEAR NOT! is the most repeated commands in the Bible; telling us the mind of God as regard to what fear can do to Man. Fear has a limiting effect on its prey and causes people not to reach their potential in life and achieve their God given vision.
1John 4:18 says "for fear hath torment". The word torment used here means punishment, chastisement. With Fear comes punishment which has negative impact on the spirit, soul and body.
Face your fears.
Glory to God, the solution to fear is here. And it is Faith. The only antidote to fear is mediating on the Word of God and being fully conscious of your identity in Christ Jesus.
Refuse to allow fear to take hold of yours regard to any matter whatsoever. Always saturate yourself with the Word of God because "God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind".(2Tim1:17).
Stay blessed.
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