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Rencong Aceh

Rencong is a traditional Aceh weapon. Even because it's so famous, Aceh is called by name "Land of Rencong". Rencong symbolizes the greatness of the nobles and the courage of the fighters the people of Aceh in the past colonialism Japanese Netherlands (Belanda). Almost every Acehnese fighter, equip himself with rencong as a means of self-defense.

Now, Rencong is no longer used as a means of self-defense and weapons. Rencong has turned into souvenirs that can be found almost in all Aceh craft shops typical. Besides being made like the original form, rencong also combined with other aspects, such as rencong-shaped brooch to wall hangings with glass frames.

Bag Aceh

For you buff shopping tour, do not miss the chance of shopping ethnic bag of Aceh to add to your fashion collection. Bag Aceh besides beautiful and unique design, Aceh's motif is also known for being smoothly done with embroidery machines.

Not only fulfilling the markets of several neighboring districts, Aceh bags are also shipped to several other provinces in the country, such as Medan, Tangerang and Java.

The uniqueness of Aceh's handbags is seen in the variety of ethnic touches that come from each region of Aceh. Among them there is the bag of Aceh gayo kerawang, motive pucok reubong, bag motif pinto Aceh. The pinto motif bag Aceh was once popular in Jakarta and got appreciation which boasts in Malaysia, Singapore, USA and Canada.





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