#ulog : Coffee in the Wild, With the atmosphere of the hills are still beautiful

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#ulog day 4,

Very cozy and beautiful atmosphere, The air is so cool with the expanse of mist is very beautiful and comfortable, to enjoy a cup of Gayo typical coffee in Aceh,

Suasana yang sangat nyaman dan indah, Udaranya begitu sejuk dengan hamparan kabut sangatlah indah dan nyaman, untuk menikmati secangkir kopi khas tanah gayo di Aceh.

Espresso Coffee

Its location on Street Sp.KKA - Bener Meriah mountain salak, District Nisam Antara. Regency of North Aceh, Aceh.

Lokasinya di Jalan Sp.KKA - Bener Meriah gunung salak, Kecamatan Nisam Antara. Kabupaten Aceh Utara, Aceh.

The coffee is very creamy

Beautiful scenery





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the pleasure of gayo coffee, let alone enjoy it at the peak of "mountain salak" that feels cold.
steady @joelpaseearon

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Salam #Uloger

Kiban cara Rakan, Han icoh kukalen

Such lovely scenery and you make me want a coffee! Glad to have you in #steemschools!