ULOG ENTRY#60: Satisfying all of my cravings in ONE DAY 😊😊

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I have been craving for a lot of Korean food recently because of my habit of watching Korean dramas . In the dramas that I am watching everyday , they show many different kind of food and it is really tempting for me. I have been a fan of Korean culture and food . I am feeling like it's my own culture too.

Recently, I have been craving for black noodles, rice rolls and Korean barbecue. These are a lot of cravings and I have been suffering to control myself from eating because I was too busy with work. When I took a day off, I asked my boyfriend to satisfy my cravings.


Honestly speaking, he was hesitant to eat Korean food but when I mentioned kimbap his favorite. He couldn't say no to me since he is on his day off too. He always support me in eating what I wanted to eat even though it is out of his league . I first introduced him to eat Korean food and I am not really sure if he likes it fully or not.

Anyway, at least I was able to satisfy all of my cravings all in One day . Isn't it amazing ? I was very full and I couldn't finish all of it but luckily my boyfriend ate all of it . He always eat everything because he would thought it would be such a waste if we have leftovers.

All of these foods are way too delicious and I really loved it . I felt like all my stress are all relieved and at the same time I satisfied my cravings . I should do it once in a while and to reward myself from working so hard these past few days. I feel like I am burned out but what choice do I have but to accept my responsibility.


You should visit SoMac Korean restaurant and they are located near Ayala Mall. They serve delicious Korean food in a reasonable price so you can enjoy anytime you want to satisfy your Korean food cravings . Fighting and enjoy . ^_^


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done upvoted, resteemed and followed!

i love korean food and dramas too. upvoted

Great job nice one

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I love korean dramas too. I love to try their food too. Upvoted and resteemed


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Those looked good!

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That's making me hungry...


Make sure to exercise after the feast!