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RE: Ulog #11 Do you love your Job?

in #ulog3 years ago

Great post @orhem . :) Yes I do love my job right now . I am working as a homebased teacher right now and I am satisfied with it . I agree with you . Having a job and paying our bills is the most important . We should always be thankful with our job even though its tiring . :)


Appreciate your thoughts @joancabz. I've read your previous blogs and you have a happy heart full of love right now hihihihi. I've met the man of your life before steemit meet up and he is such a good man. God bless your relationship.. See you around:) Btw, good to know you love your job.

Oh that's so sweet of you @orhem to ready my blogs . I really appreciate it ^^ Yes , everything is coming up roses in my life recently and I agree he is a good man . I can't ask for more . Hope I can meet you next meet up ^^ See you real soon though . Cheers to our job . hehehe

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