ULOG 17: I Adopted a Stranded Kitten lost in the Middle of the Flood

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The weather wasn't good this past few days and I'm running out of stock so I went out for a quick grocery shopping today. The roads are still wet and some with flood water.

While I was on my way home, I saw a lonely kitten, wet and scared. It's so heartbreaking to see his condition. He was so skinny and cold. He must have been lost or left to die. I guess he hadn't eaten for days or weeks.


I knew I had to do something. I already have four shih tzu dogs in our house and I am fully aware that they will go berserk once they see him. But what can I do?

I decided to adopt him. I got home and gave him water and food. He was so thirsty and hungry.



I introduced him to his new family. As expected, the dogs of the house went bananas. But, I am sure they will get used to his presence and accept him as a new addition to our family.

Look who's being nosy. Fudgee is checking out my adopted kitten.




By the way, the orange pillow he's using as a bed was Fudge's pillow when he was only two months old. Here's Fudgee's picture.


That's Princess in the background. All smiles.


I let the kitty rest first and be comfortable in his new home. I don't know yet what to name him. I also know nothing about cats. I'm sure @cat-isa might be able to help me with this one.


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Lovely Kitty

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thank you!

pwede magpa adopt? hayop din ako eh, haha


hahaha! dami ko tawa don ahh..

Wow!! She is very cutee


Indeed, very cute. Thank you :-)


cute din po ako pag natutulog, haha lupit nf pagkuha mo talaga nito

Cute little kitten! Thanks for rescuing her and having a kind heart!



I think that's the normal thing to do.
Thank you for dropping by.

Good going. :-)


thank you :-)


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