ULOG: Not depressed but deserve more

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As a graduate and a man, I can't just sit at home even when there is no job yet. When your not lazy and need to make ends meet leaving home to strive is inevitable. I left home for a trading store in a market in Ibadan. Working and working, I get stipends per month. Still going on the second month, the thought m having today is that I should go beyond this place, not even happy doing it, but I just can't sit at home.
Been a graduate and getting stipends is awful and makes me sick these days but not depressed.

I love to get a better opportunity and make it big, so my request on this post

You have a place I can work with good pay?
You know any opportunity I can benefit from?
You wanna help a friend/brother?

Kindly drip them in the comment section..

It will be appreciated.

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