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Today I am celebrating the success of my #Robotics Team for winning the preliminary round of the 17th Philippine #Robotics Olympiad.


I have friends that I only met on #steemit so I would be happy and also proud to share with them about this story. I have a very schedule and almost have no extra-time to write a blog but a person like @surpassinggoogle is an inspiration so that you will all have the reason to not quit from blogging.

#Ulog encourages you to write a blog of anything in the universe even if you are not a star.

I admire @surpassinggoogle for his hardwork and inspiring others but before I digress so much let me go back sharing with you about what happened during the preliminary of the 17th Philippine Robotics Olympiad. The picture below is the venue where the event was held. It was in Fishermall, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.



We were one of the early participants who came in so we were able to obtain our event ID without having to experience the inconvenience of a long queue since this event is open to all schools nationwide. There were lots of participants.



17th Philippine Robotics Olympiad is a national event and is being participated by all schools nationwide who have the capacity to train robotics technology in their respective institution.

I took a picture with them first because when the contest begin, coach is not allowed inside the competition area. The kids will be on their own building and programming the robot.


When the competition started, what I can do only is to take pictures on my team outside the barricade or from the next floor up top. If they encounter a problem such as device/robot malfunction they are on their own to solve it.


That's my team right there, encircled in red.


I went up to the next floor to capture some of these photos, I was not able to capture all the competing robots but this is most of them. After building and programming within the time limit, all the robots is placed in this quarantine area and partipants will wait to be called so they will run and execute the program on the robot on the field to do its specified mission. The one that is encircled in red is our robot.


When my team notice me that I was at the top next floor to take a picture on them. While they are waiting for their turn to run their robot.

Here are more pictures during the event.




We just won the preliminary round, and we will still have to go back this coming friday for the finals, but I already consider this a great success because my team was able to make it through, despite of challenges when it comes to the preparation prior to the event.

Unlike other schools, we don't have a robotics laboratory, we don't have enough equipment and we don't have much time to train because of my current workload. Being able to join a national level robotics competion alone is already something to be proud of at leat in my terms, for my team being able to make it to the finals is already a bunos for me. So at this point we still have that chance for winning the championship this coming friday and represent the Philippines for the World Robotics Olympiad that will be held in Thailand.

I just made this blog as quickly as possible, I apologize for any grammatical issue, flow of thoughts etc., that you may find but...

I hope that this has been interesting and informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for reading!

You may check out my Microsoft Certifications here.

Please support @surpassinggoogle, you can vote for him as a witness or you can set his username as a proxy just like what I did.

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Good luck on your robotics journey. Nice to see some success stories here. Being on a league with disadvantage on your side yet managing to be competitive isn't an easy task. Congratulations on winning that preliminary round. We're featuring your post and hope you could get more support from the PH community. @adamada


Thanks for the support @bestofph. I highly appreciate for dropping by here in my post.