#ULOG Of The Day: Be”YOU”tiful

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If there's one person in steemit whom I can called as beYOUtiful, it' s no other that the person behind that photo. Terry Ajayi also called as @surpassinggoogle.

*He is that one person who believes in every steemians' potential even in any status we have in life. He believe that “Everyone has something to offer” and it is okay to make flaws , be “undistalented” and to relegate reservations .

All we have to do is just to dig, write and shine the way YOU are.*

He even “remove the barriers of entry” through @suprassinggoogle’s initiatives UNTALENTED, TEARDROPS by Smart Media Token where “every tear has a value” & STEEMSECRETS “Steemit Life Success”. If you want to be a blogger you dreamed of, be a ULOGGER on https://steemgigs.org.


When the time comes that someone is telling you

“You should be like this...", or "You should be like that...";

Stand up and tell them what/who you know you are. Maybe it’s good to tell yourself every day and remind yourself when you wake up that you are a “beYOUtiful” person in spite of your imperfections and flaws.

Take a commendation when it’s given. Love yourself and love others just as how God love YOU (the true you- imperfect and full of flaws).

Every individual spend so much of their time hating and passing out every flaws with negativity in mind. But what they should be doing is accepting everything that makes them unique. They should be accepting that they are not like someone else on this world because if they were, where would the “beYOUty” be?

Our realm would be this dim, boring and dull place where everyone looks closely the same, where everyone considers the same views, where everyone loves and hates the similar things, and many more.

We have views, ideas, principles, lifestyles; the whole thing that turns us into an individual and we should accept these things and turn them into positive.

It’s good to dig more and dig to have a deviation with someone about some things you’re passionate about because it shows cleverness.

It shows an attention for things about or even just an indication of gratitude. Embracing yourself comprises allowing your errors, your flaws, your sexuality, your music genre, your past, your gifts; everything about YOU that you and others believe is all but good. It’s time to teach even kids, youths, adults, “everyone”, that you CAN.

Our society tells us that being YOUrself is not all right and that you should not do it. That you have so greatly to change about YOU before you or anyone can accept you. That is not true!

Focus on being &YOU and what God wants you to be no matter what others may say or even what you may see on bad days. Those bad days are not forever, they go away. When our actions toward ourselves on those bad days are negative, it possibly not goes away for a long period of time.

See the potential in YOU every day, even if it’s harder for some days than the others!


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Amazing !
Really idea of ulog is just awesome.

be YOU'
awesome illustration, this just juiced my self-esteem

You're youtiful wow what a creative concept you've out together, you deserve ambassadorship of ulog 😀

wow sis daming fresh idea to #ulog ah..

congrats! You have a wide imaginations...😊

Wonderful explained about sir @surpassinggoogle. I really liked that you @jejes created the word 'Be''YOU"tiful'. 👍 It's really perfect for sir Terry. ☺ He change the thinking of this community. He created @ ulog for fulfil the dream what we all want to.

Let's claimed it and be uloggers. Nice article you had. Keep it up.

Being yourself is just awesome.

I agree with you, the world needs more people like Mr. Terry. God bless you

great idea man..
sir Terry you are great.I am a big fan of you.

A good man @surpassingoogle is.. A celebrated star..
And I'm in love with your ULOG series @jejes

I like it, good idea my frend☺

wow what a creative concept you've out together, you deserve ambassadorship of ulog