Ulog - I can't get no sleep!

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Was thinking a little about things and one of the things that has been happening over the past almost 4 weeks is INSOMNIA!

Kinda reminds me of this piece:

Now I have sleeping pills "sleepers" as I call them, but I hate using them, because the next day I'm literally good for nothing. So I avoid them at almost all cost.

When I think about it, life is kinda funny in many ways, so many things that pile up and then it all keeps spinning around and around in my head 24/7. Literally like a "think tank" but for "worries"!

Well, yesterday one BIG WORRY was over with and I finally managed to get like idk 6 to 7 hours of sleep in one piece. Idk if I even dreamed during it. Was it the body just doing its thing or not idk, but seriously, I needed it and even though I woke up at 12:00 (noon) it kinda feels like a new morning, a new dawn, a new beginning. Even if only one of the things in life is behind us now, it still is a relief to know that it is over with and that all is OK.

In fact, my stuff almost feels insignificant, it is in a way, I'll handle it the way I've always to date handled my own stuff. To know that one big fear is behind me now for someone I love is more important as I am helpless in it, can't do anything, can't fix it, just couldn't do anything, felt useless. Now that this is behind us, at least in one stage of the process and hopefully the rest will be all good too, I can get back to my normal self and concentrate on things that I want to and not what the brain does all on its own.

I may be rambling here, but as this is my U-log and I need to get it out there without "talking" with anyone, just get it out there and get it out of the system I can use my wall to do this. No matter how anyone reads it.

As for all the other things that have piled up, well, what can I say that isn't said in the following:

So there it is, a U-log post that is literally more like a diary entry, or a mind reading gadget relaying what all is bouncing around in this head of mine and isn't "business related".

Will leave you with a simple little song that kinda fits well into all this, even if it doesn't, who cares, it's what comes to mind because of the refs.

Wish everyone a great day, be yourself don't sell yourselves short!


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Have you tried Melatonin? It is a natural supplement that will help you go to sleep. I have used it occasionally and it always works for me. Melatonin is what the brain releases to induce the sleep cycle. I do not know of any side effects such as you describe like being a wreck the next day. Hope this helps


Avoiding any form of drugs as much as possible, even the "all natural" ones that come in a factory made plastic bottle imported from who knows where made out of who knows what all not "recycled" rubbish/trash.

But I will check it out, so as to know what my options are, thanks for the advice, really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with me (and others). That type of approach makes all the difference in life.

Be well, Steem on.


It’s a new year ahead and plenty of work left to do. Let’s kick 2019 in the pants, mate! It’s our time to reap what we sow and I know you’ve been planting seeds like a machine all year. I am down here with ya, but don’t forget we have the ladder 😉

Nothing Else Matters is such a great song. Hang in there. Deep breaths, getting outside helps too. Oh, and turning off the computer and phone. ;) ((hugs)) Hope you get some good sleep soon.

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Great!, @jackmiller frankly speaking, things become tough when you have abundance of activities.