#ulog 03: the current condition of my heart

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as the sun shines

as neon glows

as my eyes open

as my thinking matures

as my heart beats

I stand lost in thought

this fight I fought

was it just

or was it lust?

what I feel, where does it originate

the eyes or heart

what I call love

hope it's not lust .

her brown eyes they reflect the true me

the words she speak brings comfort

it wipes tears it brings joy

as she comes around my body reacts

like metals react with water to give out hydroxides and hydrogen gas

my hands tends to move towards her like it's controlled by magic

I try to speak but my voice ran

I tried to think but my brain blanked

all I could see was her shining like an angel

her first touch brought back memories

memories I thought were lost

books I read, oh my at her presence there is no question I can't answer

I just hope it's love cos I can't Leave with another heart break

the last one left a tumor and got me visiting the hospital

do I love or do I lust

an unsolved question left by my heart

Am currently drifting apart I dunno if I lust or I love her, she's not as endowed as all the girls I ever lusted upon, but a strange feeling envelops me when ever she's around I always want to make her smile yet attimes dirty imaginations run through my mind.

I am lost in a world of my own

It's all about her, I close my eyes I see her, hear her voice in my ears. What's happening to me am I in love or in lust

#uloggers help me am broken

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Israel o!!!!
This is really Brilliant...You need to change department in School


Thank you so much,

when the hearts speaks the truth echos

I will be doing more of poetry I have a lot have written but doubt surfaces any time I look through them


Cool...Nice niche
Do your thing, Bro
Outsmart the doubts and conquer your fear.
Hope Exam is going great?

Superb! Contents of the heart indeed