ULOG #73: Back to Ulogging

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Hello there! It's weekend and I am a homebody the entire day.

It's been days since my last ulog, and prior to that, I haven't created one for days as well. I have been busy, and there are a lot of things on my mind that I can't create one.

I am happy that I am back to ulogging. So how's this day? As I said already, I am a homebody today but that's not my initial plan. I woke up at about 5am because I would be preparing our breakfast. My nephew has to attend his make-up classes after weeks of flood which led to class suspensions. I have plans of going to San Carlos City but I had loose bowel movement. Then I decided to go to a nearby town in the afternoon which didn't push through. At the moment, I am having a bad stomach ache but it's bearable.

Meanwhile, I had a heavy dinner which might have contributed to the slight pain on my stomach.


I still feel the pain on my stomach, but hopefully it gets better.


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Your food looks delicious, by the way get well soon about your stomachaches.