#ULOG – No. 35 – The Value Of My ULOG Post No Matter How Good Or Awful It Is Written, Does It Worth Its Earning

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I’ve read a lot in Ulog’s posts. No matter how awful or well written it is in Ulog, they are all deserved respect and high salutation. Steemit is not about professional blogger of some sort. Steemit is one stop shop of everything a site needed!

When surpassinggoogle announce his project - ULOG – I know he’s into something much bigger than I thought of. I read his post about Ulog. Immediately I was smitten by it and I know this is much popular than his other projects (Teardrops, Untalented, SteemSecrets, etc.), I’m being vocal about Ulog’s future and I already told Terry about how I like Ulog.

FRESH – This is what Terry told me many times about my or our blog that needs to be. Somehow I asked myself every now and then, is there any blog here that has not “almost” the same topic and almost the same content but the way it is written is of course different. I’m still trying to understand it because variations in writing comes in many forms but have the “almost” (related topic) or the same story as well. For example, I and other Steemians have the same topic but the Value I had inputted on Ulog is entirely different because my approach to this topic is relevant and had an “impact” to the readers and the other had this lousy story, conflicting information but still had value to be consider. Same topic different versions, different percentage of earnings too.

IMPACT – I’ve heard this word before and Terry told me this when I’m new to Steemit. The first time we chatted I thought he is a guru of words. I thought I’m talking to a genius. Reading his posts creates a more and precious nugget of knowledge that I have to digest. Everything he says generates a deep impact into my core. I’m still learning from him though.

WORTH – I think this is me on Ulog. Does my Ulog post have value or worth giving an earnings? I’m always asking this myself every time I post on Steemit. I know writing a fresh and have an impact blog must be consistent no matter what; I just hope I can cope up with it. Time too is of the essence, since I do have a regular job, I am limited to everything, and I can’t consistently write a blog as fresh as ever and had an impact to my readers every day. I’m not complaining, it’s just I have to do it with passion and unswerving thought about it.

The value of my Ulog post depends on my capacity and how content should be. It’s a good thing ULOG is here and I’m more to Ulog and earnings is just the way things are if my post has value or just a mere reading material to Steemians.



If we written something it's worth itself.

#ULOG my daily diary. Hehe!

I love it too makes my day complete when I write about it.

it's about YOU, so no matter how good or awful it is, it is still part of the whole YOU, that's the purpose of ULOG, YOU LOG, YOUR DAILY LOG. :)

I miss #ulogging. And now Im back,lol.

Ulogging is being part of our daily routine...